Small & First Time Investors

If you have $2,500 to $5,000, and can afford a monthly payment of $75 to $200, you can get started today in land investing! Read here and find out how!

It is a misconception, by some, that if one finds a piece of land priced at $10,000, that he/she must have $10,000 cash to buy it. THIS IS NOT TRUE. One can pay "all cash" for their land purchase, but in many cases it is not necessary to do so. This is because most land sellers are willing to carry a note, acting as their own bank, to sell their property. When a seller carries back a note, they accomplish two goals: first, it makes the property available to a larger number of potential buyers, which in turn, helps the seller realize a higher sales price versus an all cash sale.  

Many parcels in the Antelope Valley sell for 25%-30% down. The seller then carries a note for the difference. On a $10,000 purchase, that means one would only need to $2,500 to $3,000 to buy the property and close escrow. The buyer would then make monthly payments, over a period of years, to pay for the rest of the property.


Sales Price                        $10,000
Down Payment                 -$3,000
Note Carried by Seller        $7,000

Payment schedule: $7,000 @ 6.5 % over 5 years = $136.96 p/month

After 5 years, this property would be free and clear. The terms of the note, or the payment schedule, is negotiated by the buyer and the seller through their brokers. To decrease the monthly payment, one could use one or all of the following strategies: increase the down payment, try and decrease the purchase price, decrease the interest rate, or increase the number of years on the note. These details must be worked out between the buyer and his/her broker before presenting an "Offer to purchase" to a seller. And of course, the seller may elect to "counter" any of the terms presented in the buyer's offer.


A few thousand dollars and some disposable income can get you started!