1. Upon your email request, a list of at least 10 references will be emailed to you.

2. The list will have the name and email address or phone number of the reference.

3. My references are not "coached" or prepped for your contact or call. You will need to introduce yourself and tell why you are calling or contacting them.

4. If you prefer to talk to the reference, email the reference and ask for permission to call them.

5. When calling, be thoughtful as to what time you call; no late night calls. Be aware of time zone differences when calling.  The time zone of the reference is listed after their phone number.

6. References are of all types and include:
former land sellers - former land buyers - current land sellers
current land owners - long time clients - newer clients
prospects that have had telephone consultations only
land sellers where the sale was not completed

7. Be courteous and patient. Your call may not be timely for the reference; and not everyone responds to email as quickly as we would all like.