Antelope Valley Tour Information

If you are new to the Antelope Valley, or it has been many years since your last visit, you may want to call me to arrange for a tour of the Antelope Valley. I have lived in the AV since 1977, and even I have trouble keeping up with all of the new developments and growth.

Answers to FAQ's regarding the Antelope Valley tour: - the purpose of the tour is to familiarize you with the Antelope Valley so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not investing in the AV is right for you. - The tour is strictly informational, with no sales pressure. If you wish, property can be shown to you on the tour, but it is not required.


- You may come alone, or you may bring potential investment partners. I can comfortably handle yourself + 4 others.
- the tour will include only you and your party; the tour is not shared with other investors you do not know.
- the tour lasts from 2 to 6 hours. The typical tour lasts about 4 hours, which would include the viewing of property. The length of the tour can be adjusted to meet your schedule.

- there are numerous places to stop for restroom breaks and/or lunch. - if you wish to view available property on the tour, I need to talk to you first to acquire some information that will guide my search of property for you.
- if you do want to view property on the tour, call me one week before you desire the tour. I need that time to properly prepare.


- If you are viewing property on the tour, you will be given a map and other information about each property viewed on the tour. This allows you to review /consider each property after the tour.

- BUYERS, leave your checkbook at home. Same-day buy decisions are not expected nor pressured. If making an offer on a particular property is a good idea on the day of the tour, it will also be a good idea after a few days of careful thought.


- on the tour you will view: residential areas and their growth patterns, commercial centers, industrial areas, the aerospace industry, schools, parks, golf courses, and new developments/projects "Investment themes" will also be discussed.

To arrange a tour, or if you have questions not answered by the above information, please call or email me.