Message To Foreign Investors

Your inquiries are welcome! Foreign ownership of land in the Antelope Valley is already very common! 

The Antelope Valley is conveniently located to many major attractions in the Southern California area. It is only 3 hours by car to the Mexican Border. 

You need NOT be a U.S. Citizen or resident to buy California Land.

If you already have a real estate broker in your own country that you want to use, he can represent you. Commission split with your broker will be 50/50.

Jim Patton is a licensed real estate broker by the State of California, NOT a land dealer. See FYI, item #8 for further information.

"All cash" purchases would be easier, but on most properties, terms are available. See section Entitled, "First Time & Small Investors".

Purchases on terms could have monthly or quarterly payment schedules in accordance with seller's agreement.

Monthly or quarterly payments by personal check are OK but must be denominated in US Dollars. 

In California, property taxes are 1% of assessed value (usually the purchase price) per year. Example: A property purchased at $100,000 would have annual taxes of approximatly $1,000.

To own land in California, all one need do is to meet his/her payment schedule to the seller and make their annual property tax payments. Land ownership has no management "headaches".

Failure to make payments to the seller, or failure to pay annual property taxes, could lead to the investor losing their property through a foreclosure action.

California Escrow Law will protect the security of the buyer's funds while waiting for the transaction to close. Please see the section titled "FYI".

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