For Your Information

1. All property purchases will go through the "escrow" process and be governed by California Escrow Law.

2. California Escrow Law protects both buyer and seller. Escrow companies act as a "neutral 3rd party" that ensures that the seller gets "good funds", the buyer gets "good title", and that documents are properly recorded for public notice.

3. All properties will be escrowed in the Antelope Valley area with experienced escrow personnel.

4. Commissions and brokerage fees are a seller responsibility.

5. Sellers to provide/pay for a standard California Land Title Insurance Policy. "Blue chip" title companies to be used.


6. Buyer and seller to pay customary escrow closing costs. A "good faith" written estimate of buyer/seller closing costs can be obtained at the opening of escrow from the subject escrow company.


7. All other terms are negotiated by buyer and seller through their respective agent(s) or broker(s).

8. Jim Patton is a licensed real estate broker by the State of California, not a "dealer". Real Estate Brokers are sellers, primarily, of other people's properties. Dealers, primarily, are sellers of their own properties. Unless otherwise stated, JIM PATTON, BROKER is not a principle in any of his listings.