Bulk Sale - 7 Parcels - 15.06 Acres




Location- all are west of Lancaster

Area- west Lancaster
Acres-  15.06 net acres (all 7 parcels together)
APN- see Remarks below

Zoning- All 7 parcels are zoned agriculture

Topography- all 7 parcels are flat and level
Dimensions- varied
Utilities- Wall 7 properties- none to properties

Price- $47,500 ($3,154 per acre) for all 7 parcels

Existing Notes-  free & clear
Terms-  all cash

RemarksThe properties being offered for sale are:

1.82 net acres, 144W & C-14, APN- 3258-20-5
1.12 net acres, 130W & I, NEC, APN- 3266-16-20
2 net acres, 109W & C-10, APN- 3262-20-54
1.25 net acres, 105W & F, NEC, APN- 3264-18-1
1.64 net acres, 52W & D (paved), NEC, APN- 3260-13-21
2.5 net acres, 139W & D-4, APN- 3263-17-8
4.73 net acres, 145W & C-2, APN- 3258-21-2

All 7 parcels for $47,500 !

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.


SAFETY & CAUTION: Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property,
    off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life
could be in the area. 
Be careful and use common sense!       


Directions to Property: Various, but these tips may help. From the Fwy 14,
Ave D (Hwy 138) is paved all the way west to the Fwy 5. 90th West and 110th West
are paved roads as well. Ave I is paved out to 120th West and then becomes a dirt
road as it continues on due west. Ave F is paved out to 90th West, then becomes
a dirt road. All other roads and streets mentioned above are either dirt roads or
are future proposed roads. If you are going to view one of or all of these properties,
you could also look at them on Google Earth, or call me for help..