5 Acres Fox Field Industrial Parcel



  on 53rd St West on Ave G-8
  NW of Lancaster, Fox Field Specific Plan area
  5 net acres
  3269- 6- 30
  light industrial per Fox Field Specific Plan
  level and flat
  330’ x 660’.   
  none to property, but water, elec & tele on 50W
  $110,000 ($.50 cents per sq ft)
Existing Notes-
  free and clear
  all cash
  Located NW of Lancaster, 1/2 mile SW of the Fox Airfield, in the Fox Field Specific Plan area, zoned by the City of Lancaster. Water, elec, and tele are 3/10 of a mile to the east on 50th St West. Most of the acreage in the Fox Field Specific Plan area is zoned for light industrial, however, some commercial uses could be allowed, depending upon property location and end use.

Fox Airfield is a county run airfield also used to park private planes. The runway is long enough to handle corporate jets bringing in goods for the businesses in and around the Fox Field area. The Fox Field Spec Plan extends from the Fwy 14 to 60th St West and from Ave H, north to Ave E. Sysco Foods, Rite Aid, and Michael’s (art & crafts) have 1M sq foot distribution warehouses in the FF area. Fox Airfield has 7,200 foot runway and 24 hour refueling. Popular area for investment dollars.

Highest & best use: hold for future investment

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.
Safety and Cautions-
  Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property, off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life could be in the area. Be careful and use common sense!   
Directions to Property-
  From the AV Fwy 14, exit at Ave G. Go west on Ave G for 2.8 miles to 50th St West. 50th St West and Ave G is the main entrance to Fox Field. At 50th St West, turn left (south) and go 1/2 mile. On your right you will see a dirt road. This dirt road is Ave G-8. Turn right on Ave G-8 and go 3/10 of a mile. Stop. You are now at the SE corner of subject property.