10 Acres, West Lancaster Path of Growth




Location- on 87th St West, at Ave J-4

Area- west Lancaster
Acres- 10 square net acres
APN- 3203- 20- 47

Zoning- A 2 2, heavy agri, 1 home per 2 acres

Topography- flat & level
Dimensions- 660’ x 660’  
Utilities- elec & tele at 85W & J-5

Price- $77,000 ($7,700 p/acre)

Existing Notes- free and clear
Terms- all cash

RemarksLocated west of Lancaster, a direct path of growth
residential parcel. Elec & tele are on paved Ave J, 1⁄4 mile to the north.
Located only 5 minutes from central Lancaster and the Fwy 14. Parcel
is square, flat, and level. Longer term, parcel has potential use for a residential
subdivision. Parcel is in an unincorporated “pocket”, in Lancaster’s path of growth.
Nearest tract of homes are only 2 miles to the east at 65W & Ave J-8.

For anyone who desires privacy and space, this parcel could also be a large ten
acre home site. To presently use this property as a home site, a septic system
and a water well would be necessary.

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.


SAFETY & CAUTION: Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property,
    off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life
could be in the area. 
Be careful and use common sense!       


Directions to Property: From the AV Fwy 14, exit at 20th St West, Ave J exit.
At bottom of off ramp, turn right (north) on 20th St West and go to Ave J. At
Ave J, turn left and go 6.5 miles to 85th St West, a dirt road. At 85th West, turn
left (south) and go 1⁄4 of a mile. Stop. You are now at Ave J-4, a dirt road that
may or may not be observable. Drive or walk 660 feet due west on J-4 and you
will be at the NE corner of subject parcel.