3.86 Acres, New Mixed Use Zoning




Location- 32nd St West, on Ave H-8

Area- west Lancaster
Acres- 3.86 acres

APN- 3107- 12- 10


Zoning- Mixed Use, Neighborhood, City of Lancaster
MU-N zoning (2010) allows for dense residential
development, in close proximity to commercial offices.
Multi-family uses such as condo’s, apartments, duplexes/
triplexes, and small lot single family homes are envisioned
to blend in with small businesses.

Topography- flat & level

Dimensions- 188’ on Ave H-8 x 894’ 

Utilities- some in 30th St West, 1,500 feet to SE

Price- $175,000 ($45,336 per acre)

Existing Notes- free and clear
Terms- all cash

RemarksLocated near 32nd St West on Ave H-8. Area of subject
parcel was rezoned by the City of Lancaster in 2010 to Mixed Use- Neighborhood.
Subject parcel sits on the south side of Ave H-8 and extends south. Some
utilities on 30W at Ave H-12. Area is pocket of future growth. To the north
is a Michael’s (arts & crafts) warehouse, to the NW is a Rite Aid warehouse
and the AV Fairgrounds, to the south is the Veteran’s Home, and to the SE
is Jet Hawk Field, a minor league baseball stadium, and a 22 screen Cinemark
movie theater. The Fwy 14 is only 2 minutes away, one mile to the east.
Zoning of MU-N allows for vertical mixed use, retail commercial downstairs
and residential up stairs, or horizontal mixed use, retail commercial fronting
property, with residential use located in the back. For specific land uses as
outlined by the City of Lancaster, contact me via email.

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.


SAFETY & CAUTION: Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property,
    off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life
could be in the area. 
Be careful and use common sense!       


Directions to Property: From the AV Fwy 14, exit at Ave I. Go west to 30th St
West, a distance of just under a mile. Turn right (north) on 30th St West and
proceed north for 3/8 mile. Stop. Dirt road on your left is Ave H-10. Drive or
walk due west on H-10 for 1⁄4 mile +125 feet. You are now at the southern half
of subject property.