3 Parcels, 13.79 Acres, in Llano Area



  190th St East to 250th East, near Ave T
  Llano, SE of Lake Los Angeles
  190th East is 2.5 acres
250th East is 8.79 acres
240th East is 2.5 acres
  190th East is A 2 2
250th East is A 2 2
240th East is A 2 2
  all are flat
  190th East is 330' x 330’
250th East is 660’ x 580’ (approx.)
240th East is 165’ x 660'
  none to properties  
Parcel size- Location- APN-
  2.5 acres, 190th East & Ave U-14, 3081-20-32, $2,500
8.79 acres, 250th East & Ave T-8, 3032-6-105, $5,000
2.5 acres, 240th East & Ave S-4, 3032-14-26, $3,000 (SOLD)
  $7,500 ($664 p/ac)
Existing Notes-
  free and clear
  all cash
  Located east of Palmdale and SE of the Lake Los Angeles area. All parcels are zoned agriculture and are flat and level. No utilities. One purchase gives the investor a 3 parcel portfolio that be can sold off individually. The Lake Los Angeles area is 5.5 miles NW of the 190th East parcel, while the CrystalAire Country Club is 4 miles to the SW. Pearblossom Hwy (Hwy 138) connects the Fwy 14 to the Fwy 15 and the Victorville area.

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.
Safety and Cautions-
  Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property, off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life could be in the area. Be careful and use common sense!   
Directions to Property-

190th East parcel, east on Pearblossom Hwy to 195th St East, a dirt road. Go north on 195th East for 1 mile. You are now at Ave V, also a dirt road. Turn west on Ave V and go 1/2 mile. Stop. Subject parcel is 330 feet due north. 240th East parcel, go east on Palmdale Blvd to 240th East, a paved road. Turn south on 240th East and go 1 mile until pavement ends. Continue south on 240th East, now a dirt road, for 7/10 of a mile. Stop. You are now on subject property. 250th East parcel, east on Pearblossom Hwy to 233rd East, a dirt road. North on 233rd East for 2 miles to Ave U, also a dirt road. Turn east on Ave U and go 1.75 miles. From this point subject parcel is 4/10 of a mile due north.