4.57 Acres Light Industrial, Doorstep of Plant 42




Location- Lockheed Way & Rancho Vista Blvd., NE corner
(aka 8th St East & Ave P)

Area- east Palmdale, Plant 42 area
Acres- 4.57 net acres (199,069 approx. sq. feet)
APN- 3022- 25- 14

Zoning- M-1, Light Industrial, City of Palmdale

Topography- flat & level
Dimensions- 340' x 655’ 
Utilities- elec, tele, & sewer on Rancho Vista Blvd.

Price- $245,000 ($1.23 cents per sq. ft.)

Existing Notes- free and clear
Terms- all cash.

Remarks Subject property is a Palmdale light industrial property
located only 1/2 mile due south of Lockheed Martin’s famous Skunkworks
facility on Plant 42 grounds. Plant 42 is the “aerospace capital of the world”,
home of the Big 3 of aerospace:

Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin.

In addition, Plant 42 has numerous subcontractors that supply aerospace
parts and technology to the industry. Palmdale’s Air Terminal, which at
this time is not open, is located at 25th St East & Ave O-8, just two miles
to the east. Los Angeles World Airports has given the City of Palmdale
the right to recruit and sign a commercial passenger air carrier. That process
is underway now. LAWA owns some 17,000 acres in and around
the Plant 42 area.

Subject property is located at the NE corner of Lockheed Way (8th St East)
and Rancho Vista Blvd (Ave P). Elec, tele, and sewer are in Ave P. Water
appears to be on the south side of Rancho Vista Blvd (across the street). This
site is a 4 way signalized intersection.

Daily traffic at this site is 29,000+ cars per day.

The City of Palmdale describes light industrial use as: "to create, preserve,
and enhance areas for light industrial uses and associated operations that
would include assembly, fabrication, packaging, and transport, where
operations are conducted primarily indoors. Some construction related
activities may be allowed, provided that screening is provided from public
rights of way and other less intensive zoned properties. Limited commercial
retail and service
uses which serve businesses or their employees in the
immediate area may be allowed, provide they do not detract from the
primary industrial operations in the M-1 zone area.”

For more specifics on M-1 zoning in the City of Palmdale, select this Link:

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.


SAFETY & CAUTION: Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property,
    off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life
could be in the area. 
Be careful and use common sense!       


Directions to Property: Exit Fwy 14 at Rancho Vista Blvd (Ave P). Go east on
Rancho Vista Blvd, crossing Sierra Hwy. From Sierra Hwy, proceed east
for .25 of a mile, moving to the right lane. Park car in industrial parking
lot on your right, then cross Rancho Vista Blvd safely using cross-walk
and traffic lights. Subject property is at the NE corner of Lockheed Way
and Rancho Vista Blvd (Ave P). Sign on parcel.