10 Acres, West of Rosamond




Location- on 220th St West, at Rosamond Blvd. (extended)

Area- West of Rosamond, 1 mile n/o Patterson Rd.
Acres- 10 net acres
APN- 254- 540- 01

Zoning- residential vacant land

Topography- flat with a slight north to south grade
Dimensions- 660’ x 660’  
Utilities- none to property

Price- $6,000 ($600 p/acre)

Existing Notes- free and clear
Terms- all cash

RemarksLocated NW of Lancaster, and west of Rosamond. East border
is 220th St West and the north border Rosamond Blvd (extended). Subject parcel
has beautiful views to the south and west. Located in Kern County where
development costs, i.e. putting a mobile home on the property, are less costly and
easier (vs LA County). Presently, parcel is a pure investor piece, suitable for long
term land banking. Parcel is flat, but has a very slight grade from north to south.

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.


SAFETY & CAUTION: Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property,
    off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life
could be in the area. 
Be careful and use common sense!       


Directions to Property: From the AV Fwy 14, exit at Ave A. Go west on paved
Ave A for approximately 14.75 miles to 170th St West. At 170th St West, Ave A becomes a
a dirt road. From 170th St West, all roads are dirt. Proceed west on Ave A for 5 miles to
220th St West. Use odometer, as there may not be a street sign at 220W. Turn right (north)
on 220W. After 1 mile you will hit Gaskell Rd. Another 1⁄2 mile north will be Patterson Rd.
From Patterson Rd, proceed north approx. 8/10 of a mile to LA Aqueduct. The Aqueduct is
underground and will appear as a flat dirt road. From 220W and the aqueduct road, the
SE corner of subject property is 3/8 (.375) of a mile due north
. No roads to property, but
from the aqueduct road it is a safe walk north to subject parcel as long as you are careful
where you step and use common sense.