21.93 Acres on Hwy 58, Near Mojave Space Port



  on Hwy 58, 1.5 miles n/o Hwy 14 cutoff
  21.93 net acres
  agriculture / rural
  level and flat
  440' x 2,171'
  elec & tele on Hwy 58
Existing Notes-
  free and clear
  all cash
  Located NW of Mojave and its Space and Air Port, on  Hwy 58. The Mojave Air & Space Port is a world leader in the commercialization of space travel. Subject parcel is flat and level, with elec & tele on Hwy 58. Telephone
cable is both overhead and underground, on the west side of Hwy 58. Parcel is in 3 segments, fronting both sides of Hwy 58 and the Southern Pacific RR. The two segments that front Hwy 58 have legal access and 440 feet of frontage on Hwy 58.

The middle segment of subject parcel, located between Hwy 58 and the railroad tracks, has been graded with an underground concrete drainage culvert also having been installed.

As stated earlier, Mojave Airport is THE manufacturing leader of spacecraft that will commercialize space travel. Scaled Composites of Mojave has already built and flown into sub-orbital space its well-publicized SpaceShipOne. Scaled Composites is now testing SpaceShipTwo which will transport 6 paying passengers to experience space travel. Big money is involved in this venture. Northrop Grumman now owns Scaled Composites
and Virgin Atlantic, the airlines owned by billionaire Richard Branson, has signed on as a joint venture partner. The “new hiring goal” at the Mojave Space & Air Port is reported to be 600 for 2012, which will bring total employment there to 3,000.

To read more about the Mojave Spaceport and its growth, click on this link.
LINK: http://articles.latimes.com/2012/oct/11/business/la-fi-mojave-rocketeers-20121011

Mojave, besides it bright future in development of aerospace aircraft, is also a major transportation hub as trucking, rail, and aircraft all converge in Mojave for the distribution of goods for the western United States. According to the Kern County Dept. of Transportation, subject property has truck traffic of 4,918 per day. The area west of Mojave, but SE of Tehachapi, is becoming a hi-tech wind farm location with millions of dollars being invested by one of the world leaders in renewable wind energy, EnXco.

Buyer to verify the location and access costs of all utilities.
Safety and Cautions-
  Anyone inspecting, or walking on the property, off the road, should be aware that rattlesnakes and other desert wild life could be in the area. Be careful and use common sense!   
Directions to Property-
  From Palmdale or Lancaster, proceed north on the Fwy 14. Proceed past Rosamond and continue north. As you approach Mojave, bear left or straight ahead, going through the downtown area. Proceed through the downtown area, past the Oak Creek Rd. cutoff. Once at the Hwy 14 cutoff (which goes NE), continue straight ahead on Hwy 58 for 1.5 miles. Stop. You are at subject property, which is on both sides of Hwy 58.